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Our Story

About Us

Pondok Abang is the best Muslim-owned halal food manufacturer in Singapore. We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality food products with 100% halal assurance and certified international standards. Our products range from raw meat and poultry, to processed ready-to-eat dishes which are distributed to hundreds of clients island-wide.

Our Founder's Story

Our founder Mr Abdul Rahman bin Yad Ali started his business from the back of his motorcycle selling curry puffs to factory workers in Tuas, while working full-time as a refuse truck driver with the Ministry of Environment more than 30 years ago, so that he could support his family. After 16 years, he left to set up his first food stall selling Chinese Rojak.

Subsequently, he opened more stalls, selling everything from Malay food to Indian food. In 2008, he bought the current premises at Jurong Food Hub as a central kitchen to supply his stalls. He later discovered that he could manufacture certain products and supply to other stalls like his. He closed all his stalls except for the one in Clementi Block 448, which sells Ayam Penyet, Gado Gado, and Rojak.

In 2015, his son Mr Hasan Abdul Rahman took over the management of the company, after starting out from helping in the stalls, to delivery, invoicing, administration, marketing, and other aspects of the business. He developed an ambitious strategy to take the company to further heights, with the ultimate goal of being the leading full-value chain halal food supplier, and become a listed organization by 2030.

Currently, the company is producing ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products, as well as selling frozen meat, poultry, and some seafood. Global expansion plans include sourcing for larger manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, and sourcing for farms in Australia, so that the company can control the entire value chain, from farm to fork, and provide better food security for Singapore, ensure halal integrity of its products, and offer authentic cultural food at affordable prices.

Our Brands

Pondok Abang

In 2008, Abang Muslim Food evolved into Pondok Abang, with the sole purpose of making Authentic Malay Food Made Traditionally available to the masses. Since then, we garnered tremendous support from customers and business clients, which enabled our brand to be recognised as the leading halal food manufacturer in Singapore. Pondok Abang is endorsed by Enterprise Singapore as a Tasty Singapore Brand Ambassador.



Lazeez was launched in 2015 to celebrate Singapore’s multi-ethnic cuisine. Its focus is to deliver delicious halal food made with love in the form of Indian ready-to-eat dishes. Lazeez has also been endorsed by Enterprise Singapore as a Tasty Singapore Brand Ambassador.


ABANG by Pondok Abang

The ABANG brand was a result of the rebranding of the original hawker stalls situated in various parts of Singapore, and is part of the efforts to recognise the heritage and legacy of the founder. ABANG is in the beginning stages of developing an expansion programme to franchise its business model to empower people to become owners of businesses serving heritage food in Singapore and abroad.


Premium Halal Quality

To cater to consumers looking for higher-quality meats for selected cuisines, the Premium Halal Quality brand was launched in 2020, offering ready-to-cook beef and chicken in a variety of cuts and marinades.




A social media channel dedicated to local cuisine, OurFlavours.Sg (OFSG) showcases halal local cuisine of F&B businesses that use Pondok Abang's products. The channel is currently on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ourflavours.sg.



 Intention: It is most important for us to have a clear and sincere intention to secure a goal.

 Benefit: Our goal must be attainable. For the goal to be attainable, the goal must be something that will benefit us and all stakeholders.

 Knowledge: For us to bring about benefit to ourselves and others, we must constantly seek knowledge and implement what we have learnt to develop Strategic Planning, which evolves depending on situations.


 The ability to provide ongoing charity, spread beneficial knowledge, and to raise righteous future generations.


To strive for excellence in customer service, convenience, and high-quality products with halal integrity.


 To be the best Muslim owned full-value chain halal manufacturer, and be a listed organization by 2030.


Halal Assurance 


Our factories and products are certified halal by local and various international halal bodies, whose halal marks and standards are recognised internationally.

SMCCI Muslim-Owned Establishment


We are a member of the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SMCCI), and part of the 100% Muslim-owned programme aimed at assuring our Muslim consumers. 


We manage our own cold stores, and work with delivery services to eliminate any possibility of contamination. 

Quality Assurance


We are licensed by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to import and manufacture food products.



ISO 22000:2018

We follow the strict regulations required to ensure food safety, and our processed products are produced based on ISO 22000:2018 guidelines.



We are committed to our employees’ safety and well-being at the workplace.




We are privileged that our brands are Tasty Singapore Brand Ambassadors with Enterprise Singapore.